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Originally Posted by viddi View Post
An Amiga 4000 is very expensive.
In the UK you can get a stock 16Mbyte A4000D-EC030 for ~£150 (~170 Euro). You would be hard pushed to get an A1200 + 030 accelerator for that price.

Originally Posted by mjnurney View Post
My goal is a 4000 with os 3.9 with internet as a minimum.....
A4000 : Check
OS3.9 : Check
Internet : Erm, WTF for?

Adding ethernet to an A4000 will cost half as much as the A4000 itself! Plus the internet capabilities of the Amiga are rubbish compared to what you've been used to, especially on a cheap low speed CPU such as an 030 and no graphics card. You'll spend all that money, use it once for an hour and never use it again trust me.

Take my advice, use your PC/Mac for internet and your Amiga for gaming / demos & nostalgia.

If you do not believe me, try using an Amiga emulation (WinUAE) configuration of a stock 030 A4000, give it internet capability, install the tools you intend to use and see how rubbish it is.

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