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Dusting off the ol' A1200 in tower case

Hello! PK here from the Great State of Maine (Im sure none of you have heard of it, its somewhere in the US, and there is a famous horror writer from here )
Got back into the Amiga scene recently. I still have my old A1200 w/ 68ec030 card and 2 + 8 megs ram that I put into one of those cheap "made for amiga" tower cases they sold back in the early 90s.

Been about a decade since I powered the thing up (hope it still works) but also came across two shoe boxes full of Amiga software I bought during the 90's (EG Scenery Animator, Imagine 3.0, DOpus 5.11, BlitzBasic2, etc etc (WOW I spent a lot of $$ for this stuff!). Just in case I can't get the ol 1200 fired up, what is the easiest way to read these disks for use in WinUAE? I dont want to lose this software!
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