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Originally Posted by skateblind View Post
I plan on going to university(again ) and studying computer science, I want to develop games on some sort of level, ideally game design, since I can just tell people what game I want.

Game design is probably one of the hardest fields to get into because you need a very broad range of skills and qualifications, but I would say you are ideally suited to it. Just keep applying and you will eventually get something, but I would say it is unlikely you will be able to jump into something that pays the same or better than what you are getting now, not that I know how much you are earning...

When I start my own company I will give you a call.
To save some time for both of you: finish something before you commit [money or time]. Having completed my 2 year gamedev education and developing game concepts, programming them, and managing each of those projects every day for those two years, I have a portfolio of about half a dozen finished games and half a dozen more game design documents completed.

You don't need education, and you need to do more than be good at playing games or getting "good game ideas". What you need is to finish a game design doc, and finish the game in the doc.

If you also want to get the game sold, you'll have to join a studio or "organization" that have previously sold games. No agents for 1/2-man-band games anymore.

To summarize, don't think "you could be good at designing games". Just design a game! Don't plan to study for years and start a company. Just program the game!

As for reviewing games, it would be nice if these guys reviewing old games reviewed them *after completing them*. I can take only so much of throwing controller in air with an "it sucks".
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