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Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
I'm a university professor -- an "English professor" in a broad sense, though my research is focused on writing technology and new media (though I'm trying to focus on game studies). It works out well for me since my two biggest interests in life are writing and computers. I'm known in academic circles mostly for my wiki work, since I jumped on that bandwagon before Wikipedia got popular and have pushed hard for using wikis in the classroom.

I wouldn't mind working for a magazine or getting paid to do a website, but only if I could get as much money (or more) that I'm making now. I seriously doubt that would ever happen, so I'm much better off sticking to what I'm doing. Besides, what other job lets you play all the games you want for the sake of research?

The only job I've seen that I really envied was "game design consultant," which amounted to talking with and helping companies develop their game ideas. That looked like a LOT of fun, and something I could probably do really well. Still, not sure how to get started doing it, and also not sure if I'd be comfortable living with the uncertainty of employment, etc. (it's all contract stuff).
I plan on going to university(again ) and studying computer science, I want to develop games on some sort of level, ideally game design, since I can just tell people what game I want.

Game design is probably one of the hardest fields to get into because you need a very broad range of skills and qualifications, but I would say you are ideally suited to it. Just keep applying and you will eventually get something, but I would say it is unlikely you will be able to jump into something that pays the same or better than what you are getting now, not that I know how much you are earning...

When I start my own company I will give you a call.
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