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Cheers me hearties,
(don't ask why I started this post in pirate lingo - I don't know either)

I love the reference to Impossible Mission Hairy_Boots
And Cammy is a T-Rex too! So you guys have a fascination with dinosaurs too! What an excellent site.

I've had the Amiga buzz bubbling on slow boil since I sold my beautiful 600 - but with all the emulators I've tried since on my PC turning out to give me mainly frustration and pain I've been satisfied to daydream about the good old days.

Now I've started building an arcade cabinet and my love for old fashioned games is bubbling over. I'm unsure, but perhaps this mame style cabinet could harbour an Amiga game like Defender of the Crown? Then I could get into a swordfight, save Katherine from those evil Normans and put a Saxon on the English throne once more!

*Aherm... apologies to all you English folk from Newcastle who were barracking for the Normans.
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