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You should be able to just copy the contents of both of your partitions to a CF card, provided it has enough space. Once you've done this, and you have formatted and installed a CF card on the IDE port, you can simply copy files back over from the PCMCIA CF card onto your internal one, and it should boot from now on. I have done it a couple of times back when we were replacing all our HDDs with CF.

I should also mention, if you're interested in running a higher resolution workbench without flicker, it is possible now without using an expensive Indivision (although the Indivision is still the best option). If you can find an appropriate LCD TV with S-Video inputs, you can get a cheap RGB-S-Video adapter from to give you a crisp, clear, flicker-free picture. You just have to make sure the LCD has a built-in flicker-fixer. Here's a demonstration video I made showing the flicker-free, Super High Res Interlaced Overscan output - [ Show youtube player ]

I hope it all works out for you. SabreMSN is perfectly usable in non-interlaced modes apart from the settings window, and hopefully that'll be fixed soon too. It's a great program to use once it's running well too
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