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Hi Xenon. You should be able to temporarily set Workbench in an interlaced screenmode (and put up with the flicker for a minute) so you can change and save your settings, then switch back to High Res and everything should work. Downloading the classic pack is a good idea too, but if you wait a little bit longer Rebel has nearly finished an updated theme with additional images and fixed sounds for OS3/non-RTG.

As for your A1200, I'd recommend using a Compact Flash card (with a cheap 44pin IDE-CF adapter) instead of a hard drive, as these use no power, make no noise, generate no heat and load faster, plus they can easily be moved out of the way of the Indivision. As for the Indivision, only the very first batch had problems with certain Lisa chips, all boards currently being sold should be from newer batches and will be compatible with all A1200 Lisas.

I have also let Jahc know about the problem with loading the prefs on lower screenmodes (and confirmed it myself) so hopefully in a later version we'll have a smaller settings window maybe with tabs for different sections.
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