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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Thanks for the info Jgames!
They can sell the consoles for cheap and charge for the cartridges -With the Neo-Geo/AES basicly an arcade machice they charged a lot!
But Wiki states that the X68000 was Capcom CPS development system and is Disk based

Street Fighter 2 for the Amiga was the first time I was realy disappointed with the Amiga - Sorry if I banging on I just think it could have been so much better.
The problem for street fighter 2, is that for floppy/hard disc based computers, it will need a lot of ram;
I for example we take 320*240*8bits = 76800 as the resolution; the background 2screens length image will need for example 2 * 76800= 153600, add the background sprites (in sf2 there are a lot) lets say 64*64 image = 4096 anbd there are 2 so we'll have 8192;
then the 2 fighters sprites themselves, let's say they are 64*64 = 4096, and let's say each one has 200 animation frames (i read sf2 has more than 300 per character) we end up 2 * 4096 * 200 = 1638400 kB!

Adding all this
1638400 + 8192 + 153600 = 1800192 = 1.8MB just for the graphics!
Add code, and sound and you'll end up minimum 2MB to have a decent sf2 on non cartdrige systems!

So a 1MB amiga can't do it justice, but 2MB would certainly be very good.
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