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Wireframe/Vector formats

Hello all, after a period of inactivity I see my account was pruned
I am trying to understand the format of an old 1998 game (Urban Assault) and most of the graphics were done with ADPro on the amiga. Like most 3d games there are wireframe models with textures around them, it is the wireframes I am intersted in. The textures are IFF/ILBM so I have reason to beleive that the "skeleton" files are not proprietary as they also seem to be in IFF format (even though that was THE standard for just about every filetype back then). A google search of wireframe/vector formats along with amiga only give me old pages with no names or files types. So I'm asking the community, does anyone know any program names or formats that have been used on the Amiga platform?

Caligari and Rendition seem to pop up every now and then on the search too btw.
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