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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Panzer Dragoon Saga, & Dragonforce are great games, but most of the others are just good games... be more picky.

NiGHTS into Dreams
Radiant Silvergun
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Guardian Heroes
Burning Rangers
Virtua Cop 2
Virtua Fighter 2
Bubble Symphonies

Countless RPG's like :

Magic Knight Rayearth
Albert Odyssey: Legend Of Eldean
Story of Thor 2
Gaurdian heroes is a great game but the PAL version suffers from some annoying slowdown
Radiant Silvergun is good but not worth the price people are asking (£100+).
Street Fighter Alpha 3 is great but there are also many other quality 2D fighters on the Saturn too...
Burning Rangers is also another great game at a more "sensible" price.
Use the Sega 3D pad for Nights... It's so much better!
Use a light gun for Virtua Cop for a better experience
Virtua Fighter 2 is an "ok" game.... Fighters Megamix, Last Bronx and the original Dead or Alive are better in my opinion

As for RPG games - make sure you don't get the Japenese versions unless you can read Japanese.... and all Saturn games are best played in 60hz.

EDIT: I will be selling a boxed and complete MK1 Japanese Saturn soon as i accidently ordered 2 from Japan .... if anyone's interested?
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