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Most of the head2heads are won by 360, lol.

Tbh I could get by using my PC which is just a q6600, hd4850, 2 GB ram for all my emulation and media needs but there's just something about hacking a console to allow it to do stuff that it's originally not intended to do that pulls me in. I love my modded xbox and if the 360 could be modded and had the homebrew that my original has then it would obviously be capable of a LOT more.

In addition to all the features that a modded xbox1 has there would also be

HD streaming without limitations.
Dreamcast emulator?
PS2 emulator?
360 gaming.

Having all these features on my 360 that is already hooked up to my HDTV, is a nice compact unit with wireless controllers would be awesome. I wouldn't need a seperate xbox1 (currently in my bedroom), dvd player, pc (which for a decent looking one with a good spec would cost plenty of £) and my 360 all hooked up to it. The 360 would easily have the capabilities so I really can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to use it to it's max. It also being a price thing, ~£130 for a unit that would stream/play almost all video, supply all my needs for emulation, play 360 games is almost unheard of. Isn't it?
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