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the ONLY thing that the PS3 offered sony was the dominance of the Blueray against the HD-DVD. Except from that the ps3 was a disaster for them, that can be seen in sony's economical figures.
There are WAY TOO MANY people out there that got the ps3 only for it's blueray capabillities (I have 3 friends here that did exactly that) and many more that look to sell their ps3's because they want to migrate to xbox360.
Once again, at a pure gamer's point-of-view , this round belongs to x360, as it is overal a better gaming system.
When I wanted a current-gen console, I just looked at the games and their availabillity: this time the xbox360 was clearly a winner for me and I went for it. No doubt the ps3 is a nice machine too, but it just cannot compete right now with the 360 and I doubt it will ever in the future...

ps. you might want to look at the Lens of Truth website, those ppl there compare unbiased games for both platforms...
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