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Ive got both a PS3 and Xbox 360.. Dont use either for online gaming.. (only games I play online are Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 on my PC and only play about twice a year when my mate gets eveyone together and organises a session)

PS3 is great for iplayer and streaming divx from my PC.. I understand the xbox 360 can do this too but as I dont have a wireless adaptor for it Ive never taken it online.

My xbox 360 cost me £40 from a bootfair with 3 games (which I sold for £40). Even though the guy said it was working it had the RROD so quick call to M$ and it came back 3 weeks later fully working

My PS3 effectively cost me £80 due to the amazing deal that game had about 6 months back where they were giving you £25 credit for every 2 DS games you traded in.. Between the bootfairs and CEX, in one morning I managed to aquire approx 36 DS games for about £120 (average £3 each)
and traded them in at game for about £500 and used that to buy my PS3 and still have about £100 credit left over ready for this Christmas

Both machines have good games but I dont really follow whats coming out and which console has the prettier gfx. I tend to buy my games as and when I find them at the bootfair (got Pacific Rift for PS3 for £7 last week and secondhand xbox 360 games are so common I never pay more than £5 nowadays). My wife buys 'full price' games for me for birthdays and xmas and thats about it.
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