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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I'm not.

Just read what the devs are saying. Carmack of ID said openly that he had to cut the PS3 RAGE 3D engine back to get it to 60fps which the 360 was easily doing with full effects.
Dear oh dear.

No he never. What he said was the PS3 version didn't CURRENTLY run at 60hz (He never said they had to cut it back, he did say they had to cut some of the game but that was because of the DVD limitation on the 360 nothing to do with the PS3 - They had to cut some parts and make it into 3 sections so it will fit on 3 DVDs), and later he added ALL versions would look IDENTICAL and run at 60hz.

See what I mean about your sources... only giving you half the story.

Carmack also said the advantage CELL gives over the 360s CPU makes the systems about equal considering all hardware. 360 has a better GPU, PS3 has a better CPU (that can do graphical tasks)

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Me too. The only 3 I can think of (which are PS3 only titles) are : Uncharted, MGS4 and Ratchet & Clank? Not sure about best looking as I have neither console, nor a HDTV. But colleagues do.
See, not even the three I'm thinking of so the list is obviously bigger than I though. You can add Little Big Planet, GT5 Prologue and Killzone 2 to the list.

If the PS3 was so bad how the devil does it manage to hold a monopoly on the best looking console games I wonder.....

I'm not doubting that the power is there. I'm saying the devs are not currently using it. Especially on multi-platform titles. And it is an expensive chip. Lets see what unfolds, but my bet is on they consider switching to a cheaper, easier to program architecture, with more GRUNT next time.
No they won't. The difference on multiplatform games now is very small for the most part, the differences come when it's a devs first game on the PS3. Assassins Creed 2 for example was running far better on the PS3 at E3 when it was shown. Obviously there are some that just don't have the resources to spend time on the PS3 version, but for the most part it's pretty much even (if the devs have at least one PS3 game in their history)

I think the only complaint about PS4 will probably come if Nvidia give Sony another GPU that is clearly the weak link again.

If for example it had a CELL2 with a couple of cores and 16 spus and a 295 GTX derivitive with some on board eDRAM, large enough to store a full 1080p frame for this mythical "free AA" the xenos promised (10mb ain't enough)

Anyway, lets just say I think CELL is here to stay and you don't and leave it at that, no point arguing about it.

Also, I am getting a slim because although my PS3 is virtually silent during game play it does get have an aduible hum after about half an hour of watching a 1080p film.

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