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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
I wonder if it will be the case that this model of Indivision will also suffer from the dreaded flicker until warmed up in some people's Amiga's...?

Also, I never did discover why the Indivision I have in my A1200 was not compatible with my Sony LCD TV (TV has monitor input)
I have this flickering issue and it has nothing to do with my Indivision AGA. I would see the same thing when running "Multiscan Productivity" mode out of the stock port with an adapter on my multisync monitor. I also don't get any flickering when cold in the standard PAL/NTSC resolutions. There is a problem, but for me it isn't specific to the Indivision Board and if others haven't tried modes like "Multiscan Productivity" before installing an Indivision AGA they wouldn't even have known they have a problem.

With that said, I understand that there may be users with NO problems at all with the Indivision AGA board out, but I think this phenomenon is too easily assumed to be an Indivsion problem by people that never tried higher resolution modes before installing theirs.

Sorry to go off topic... Congrats on the new board, very exciting!
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