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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Anyway, you are dead wrong.
I'm not.

Just read what the devs are saying. Carmack of ID said openly that he had to cut the PS3 RAGE 3D engine back to get it to 60fps which the 360 was easily doing with full effects.

Originally Posted by keropi View Post
Originally Posted by Ian View Post
The top 3 best looking console games are all on PS3
what are those "top 3 best looking console games" ??? I am curious
Me too. The only 3 I can think of (which are PS3 only titles) are : Uncharted, MGS4 and Ratchet & Clank? Not sure about best looking as I have neither console, nor a HDTV. But colleagues do.

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Seriously, I don't know what you read (I am guessing it's 360 fanboi sites) but the opinion on CELL is very different from the crap you've been reading for the last couple of years.
Reading no. Talking to, yes!

I'm not doubting that the power is there. I'm saying the devs are not currently using it. Especially on multi-platform titles. And it is an expensive chip. Lets see what unfolds, but my bet is on they consider switching to a cheaper, easier to program architecture, with more GRUNT next time.

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