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I think you'll find devs, having learnt how to write effective code on CELL would be even more pissed off if it was thrown out the window with the PS4.

Anyway, you are dead wrong. CELL is coming into it's own, sure it was tough to learn and industry dinosaurs like Valve do nothing but moan about it, but the proof is in the pudding. The top 3 best looking console games are all on PS3 despite being "such a nightmare" to program for with RSX being a weaker GPU then Xenos... how so I wonder.... This isn't something thats going to change now devs have a handle on the situation the gap between PS3 games and 360 ones is going to get bigger and bigger.

Most devs are not stupid and now optimise there code, which by the way also makes their 360 code run better. PS3 forced some changes that wouldn't have happened without it. Now we have proper mutlithread code that increases performance on all platforms.

Seriously, I don't know what you read (I am guessing it's 360 fanboi sites) but the opinion on CELL is very different from the crap you've been reading for the last couple of years.
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