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Okay, I've had a real good look at this and I can see everything clearly now, so here goes!

Amiga Mouse/Game Controller Ports

There are two DB9 male connectors on the back of the Amiga labelled either "JOY1" and JOY2" or "1. MOUSE" and "2. GAME", depending on the model.

To use a mouse to control the Workbench, you must attach it to the MOUSE port (port 1) or connector JOY1. However, you can attach joystick controllers to either of the connectors.

WARNING: Pin 7 on each of these connectors supplies +5 Volts DC power. Connect this pin ONLY if power from it is required by the external device.

The following table describes mouse and game controller/joystick connections:

Amiga 500. Connectors 1 and 2: Mouse Connections

Pin   Name             Description

 1    MOUSE V          Mouse Vertical
 2    MOUSE H          Mouse Horizontal
 3    MOUSE VQ         Vertical Quadrature
 4    MOUSE HQ         Horizontal Quadrature
 5    MOUSE BUTTON 2   Mouse Button 2
 6    MOUSE BUTTON 1   Mouse Button 1
 7    +5V              +5V DC Power (100mA)
 8    GND              Ground
 9    MOUSE BUTTON 3   Mouse Button 3
Amiga 500. Connectors 1 and 2: Game Controller

Pin   Name             Description

 1    /FORWARD         Controller Forward - Active Low
 2    /BACK            Controller Back - Active Low
 3    /LEFTM           Controller Left - Active Low
 4    /RIGHT           Controller Right - Active Low
 5    POT X            Horizontal Potentiometer
 6    /FIRE            Controller Fire - Active Low
 7    +5V              +5V DC POWER (100mA)
 8    GND              Ground
 9    POT Y            Vertical Potentiometer
Amiga 1200. Mouse/Game Controller Ports

Pin   Mouse/          Digital      Proportional   I/O
      Trackball       Joystick     Joystick

 1    V-Pulse         /Forward     Button 3 *     I
 2    H-Pulse         /Back        n/c            I
 3    VQ-Pulse        /Left        Button 1       I
 4    HQ-Pulse        /Right       Button 2       I
 5    Button 3 (M)*   n/c          Pot X          I**
 6    Button 1 (L)    /Button 1    n/c            I**
 7    +5V (50mA)      +5V (50mA)   +5V (50mA)     -
 8    GND             GND          GND            -
 9    Button 2 (R)    Button 2*    Pot Y          I**

* These buttons are optional.
** These pins canb also be configured as outputs.
The DB9 Pinout on your Rapid Fire schematic agrees with the A1200 Digital Joystick connections. So, all buttons on your Competition Pro joystick are presently connected to pin 6, yes?

In that case, button 2 will be pin 9, as you have assumed, and button 3 (optional) will be pin 5.

You will require three fire button circuits. All you have to do now is decide which of the three working buttons will be 1, 2 and 3, and also which ones you want autofire capable before wiring it up. Simple, eh?

Good luck!
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