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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Might install it on my launch unit when I get a slim before I sell it
Why bother getting a slim PS3 if you already have one? Unless you pre-order and get it on day one and auction off your old one before the Slims go on wide sale you'll loose so much money for little or no advantage!

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
CELL isn't going away anytime soon
Erm, I disagree. I bet you it dies a death with the PS3. Developers have said the SDK is too hard to use and the performance of "unoptimised" code being unimpressive and debug capabilities terrible. Unless there is an unbelievable killer application which relies on the power of the Cell in the next 12 months it's successors are surely doomed to be excluded from future consoles.

Whereas lots of developers have praised the 360's SDK as being amazing, simple to use, excellent debugging, standardised toolset with the PC.

Most of the developers have said they should have dumped the Cell and gone with a better RSX

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