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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Incidentally, there are PS3s that are not restricted by the hypervisor and have fully access to CELL and RSX through linux, but these are only available to educational facilities.
Ps3's available to educational facilities?? whats wrong with just using a PC instead of using a PS3 as a very poor educational PC?

I agree Linux should just be used on PC's... who cares about using Linux with access to RSX anyway? RSX is a poor Nvidia chip based around the Geforce 7 series tech the PS3 GPU was pretty much dated as soon as the console was launched. Cell on the other hand is an interesting CPU and i would like to see it in a PC someday so it's abilities can really be tested! It's being wasted in a console (not exactly an ideal CPU for gaming but can work) and is also used in some IBM blade servers.

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