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Originally Posted by Brakus View Post
.....And I just don't get all the gay / ghey jokes over here, sometimes I think I've missed some inside gay reference joke.
thats just "ghey(c)", "Keropi(tm)", "PPC Powered Old Sprite(r)"


this is TRUELY great news, infact I am honestly stoked!!! the best thing for

I do hope that its (internal) structure gets sorted and a fairer system put in place. I am truely happy that a lot of its usefull content will be kept.

Yes i have issues with and most often that not it was the way it was run (for the ego of one, than the premise for many!) over the years I have seen wayne use members, my hope is that this is the final time and the members are now FREE to evolve there site!

Good luck whom ever picked up the tab on this one! you have freed a lot prisioned minds and have given what I never thought possible..

A Future.
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