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It is business, unless you get a specific return on investment then the product will get dumped.
No, it's business to buy an undervalued company dismantle its structure (fire everyone) and sell its assets for a profit. With no intention of ever trading a product for a 'specific return'.

The purchaser will usually make some 'promising noises' regarding the future of the product/company. Of course they do, they want the value of that companies assets to be relatively strong when they start liquidating.

The product(s) in question were never going to be developed/distributed by the new owner. No matter what Microsoft may have said.

You don't have to look hard to see that Microsoft (and others)have done this many times.

1-Purchase Company
2-Press Conference - big plans for the future
3-Liquidate Company

Sound similar to what Gateway did to Amiga?

If Microsoft aren't going to do anything with it, I wonder if they'll consider releasing the source code?
Every piece of intellectual property Microsoft owns, are considered to be assets. So Microsoft are planning on adding Caligari to their portfolio of intellectual property, and using it to increase their total worth. So they would not be interested in letting you (or anyone else) have it unless you could offer them more $$ than it would realistically add to their worth over the next (say) twenty years.
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