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Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
I know all my videos aren't great, but I always ask myself what I would want to know about a game and then what kind of images/footage I can use to illustrate it. I am still struggling with the time limit and trying to decide how much or how little of each thing to show. I know 10 minutes feels like forever and a day if you're watching a video, but when you're trying to make it it feels more like 10 seconds.
I really like you understatement Matt You reviews are really good. One can easily see that you put a fair amount of time in researching the background of the game and its predecessors. This really adds much to a retro game review. Maybe your actual game coverage could be a tad longer, but I can see how you try to balance it with the background info within the 11 minute time frame. So... don't underestimate your work and keep it up
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