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Calgor nailed it. Commodore just did not invest in the Amiga as it should have done. It ignored the advice and wisdom of Jay Miner and the Amiga team. If they followed their advice, like releasing a machine similar to the A2000 straight from the start, who knows how well the Amiga could have done.

I bet a lot of business types took one look at the Amiga 1000 and scoffed. No internal expansion slots, or space for an internal HDD ruled it out for serious office use. Who is going to take a machine like that seriously when all these crappy IBMs had it from day one?

Having all those boxes coming out of the sides for expansion was so fucking stupid. Didn't anyone learn from the TI 99/4A? Worse still, it took over a year for the A2000 to arrive with no upgrades whatsoever!

The A500 saved the Amiga, and typically Commodore milked it for all it was worth for 4 years! Commodore should have been bankrupted by 1990, so it was sheer dumb luck they lasted till 1994. The same goes for Atari, they milked the 520ST FM for over 5 years!
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