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taken from Wikipedia;

Originally Posted by wiki
When it started, the show was unique in that it had no presenters; computer-generated displays took their place. The "pop-up" information snippets were represented as "windows" in a mock-up graphical user interface called HUD. In 1987 this was replaced with the more familiar display which featured a "mouse-pointer" and "icons" generated on an Amiga computer. Although commonplace nowadays, such interfaces were relatively cutting-edge at the time. The look of the icons was updated on the move to ITV in January 1989, and again upon the show's relaunch on December 7, 1991. However, this update only lasted one show and the previous 1989 icons returned the following week and lasted until May 1996 when the show's look and production was completely overhauled and was replaced with an animated text banner at the bottom of the screen.

I'd love to get hold of those icons... how cool would it be
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