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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Shinobi is one of, if not my favourite arcade game of all time.
The same for me here, it's up there with the greatests; along side street fighter 2 ce for me;

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
You can get atleast 3 hits off from ninja magic.
What would happen if it times out? maybe the trick is the resist until time out? (never tried that)

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Buddah Statues:
You can get through them by just using the ninja magic at the perfect time.
Yes, i know that trick, but there still the head that throws fireballs.

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Red Lobster:
I've managed to get 4 hits off from ninja magic.
There still 4 other hits in hardest difficulty, and 1 in easy, (if you die and continue on this boss)

I have no clue how those 3 bosses can be defeated without stars; but i managed many times to kill the first boss on hardest difficulty without magic and without throwing stars; just by jumping and doing a kick to the face (timing is very important here)

I have seen some bizarre things on the arcade shinobi, not seen them on the net:
1 - On the bonus stage, when the perfect letters come down, you still throw stars and maybe you can throw a star on a letter!, this kills the letter and the PERFECT is on screen missing one letter, and the game hangs on this screen! (Seen it once, altought i have seen the letters missing one letter and the game hanging on that, and the music was still playing, i've not seen the shot on the letter itself, but a friend at that time said he did it...)

2 - On the second level where there is the spiderman ninja, if you kill the spiderman while he is still up on the wall, either with the flying kick or the sword, go to the end of the level, and come back to the start of the level, the game will slow down, you'll play in slow motion!; this can be more effective if you do this trick to the three spidermans that are present in the level.
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