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I didn't buy any single game all the time I used my A500. I was sent cracked copies by snail mail of what we called "news" (new games that started to get swapped during copy parties).

In 1993, because of a noticeable decrease in quality, and for personal reasons, I kinda got tired of the whole thing and stopped being a "computerer" for almost 2 years...

From the Bitmap Bros', I liked Xenon II and Speedball II very much.

I established this OR games list based on what I could notice from user's feedback in LemonAmiga or back in the days for the "buzz" they created. I don't memorize and take the magazine scores as solid indications, and in fact in the first issues of our well-known magazine Gen4, every single game was considered great, and the reviews were amateurish at best.

Game publishers were using witty marketing techniques to have us think their next release was going to be the killer game (it applied to hardware parts, too), and to me the Amiga greatness was compensated by this burden to some extend (having to wait for ages for such games or parts).

The only game I played extensively on the Amiga were Bard's Tale & Silent Service, I think. (in my other threads/post, you may notice I was more of a dedicated gamer when I possessed a CPC).

Oh, and I should mention me and my brother spent a great deal of time in the arcades, so there was absolutely no chance a bad arcade port on the miggy would get any redeem value from me.

And then, the FPS craze induced a deep and irreversible transformation in game design departments, and some expensive but relatively inefficient hardware was produced for those who went on believing they could have fun playing the first Doom-like on their Amiga, but I 'll stop being prosaic for now...

The problem I have with Lotus is simply the 2D sprite of the car.
It's barely animated and doesn't bear any nice effect a glossy paint would render, for example. It may be a fun 2 players game, but for me Test Drive rules when it comes to great looking Amiga sports car racing (and it had the humor too, with the cheesy presentation and the Police chasing you).

May I ask what are the prequels in Head over Heels you're evoking ?

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