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What happens when one of the greatest musicians remixes tracks by another?

David Whitaker (arguably the best all-round games musician of the 20th Century) remixed the music of Richard Joseph (again one of the most memorable Amiga musicians) for the SNES port of the game GODS by Bitmap Bros.

Now about 1991 I got a SuperFamicon & SuperMagicom from Japan (Yup the disk addon for the SNES) and my Amiga gaming took somewhat a back seat to SNES gaming for a while (Actually Amiga became the SuperMagicom parallel port hard-drive) so perhaps I will feel a little bit more nostalgic towards this music as I played the SNES port extensively.

The Intro music of GODS is unique to the SNES and all DW's own work, but the moment it starts up with the gladiator donning his armour you know that it is something special. It is so moody and eerie. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end even now.

The Game over - High Score theme too sticks in my mind (probably because of the countless times I died while playing this SNES game). Pretty sure it is a DW own track and once again I really like it. It is a bit cheesy now but in the early 90's it was probably spot-on dance / electro-pop!

The Main (Menu) theme is IMO not as good as the John Foxx Nation XII version interpreted by Richard Joseph, but it deserves a listen to.

Two-Style of two music greats melded into one game.

HAVE A LISTEN, what is the worse that could happen?

(Everyone is going to hate it )
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