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Japan-UK step down transformer!

I have just fired up my old Japanese Victor Saturn (JVC Sega Saturn) and have noticed some strange noises coming from the power step down transformer! Now i am afraid to use it so i am looking to buy another but cannot find the correct one anywhere!!

Ok, the one i currently have is a no-name small 230V-100V step down transformer and is rated at 50W (ideal for old Jap consoles).... now my big problem is finding another one with the same rating!! The only one's i can find are 110V or 120V but this is for US equipment although some people seem to think it's also the same for Japan....It's not! Japan is 100V and all the Jap consoles i have say "AC 100V 50/60hz" so i really need a transformer that outputs 100V and at least 45W to be safe, but i cannot find one anywhere!

The one i am currently using is about the same size as a Sega megadrive power adapter... but i have seen a few 100V one's that are very big, bulky and too expansive! Does anyone know where i could find one? (i tried Maplin's and the staff there do not have a clue!!)

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