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CompetitionPro Hacking

The Competition Pro is a single-button joystick, but as you probably know, there's more than one button on the device. I see a total of four (however 1 of the small ones is completely mashed on mine).

So surely it would be possible to hack it into a 2-button joystick.

I've had a peek inside my competition pro, those screws were ridiculouslly tight, and it seems like pretty simple stuff.

Surely all I have to do is create a circuit which connects the second button to the appropriate wire on the cable. I guess I'd be needing to replace the cable+connector, as the installed one does not have anything connected to button 2.

But I'm pretty inexperienced with a soldering iron. I would be a bit scared to start hacking my joystick without someone more experienced confirming my hacks are possible. Because there are some things I'm not sure about. Like...

Which pin would button two be? I guess it would be 5, but I imagine it could be 9.

And I figure while I'm in there I may as well add autofire, how might I go about doing this?
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