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Well XBOX ius 100% Microsoft creation. Legally if they dont want any EMU on their system they can stop it, or take you to court if it does leak out. I dont blame M$ from trying to protect a system they have billions invested in. The only reason the dreamcast has such a nice EMU scene is because SEGA got out of the hardware buisiness and could care less what we do with it.

I dont see why those taiwanese companies who make motherboards dont package a micro atx board with built in video and sound (would have to add svhs output for tv) in a small console looking plastic box with cd on top and sell it to the EMU crowd. 4 USB ports for controllers in front and maybe a small external power supply, could even use small 2.5" hd's. Since thats just standard equipment nobody could make a fuss about it. Probably would not cost too much if they used duron processor. Any they could usa any os they wanted for game development.

The major thing XBOX has over a PC for emu's is its only $200 and is setup for the tv already, but face it.. its just a pc with a plastic cover over it.
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