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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Because if though Richard coded it, I suspect it actually 'belongs' to Probe/Acclaim
Precisely, the source for Amiga MKII is "owned" by the people who paid the bills back then (Acclaim). Plus, there are bits of code written by different people - and I would have to ask them if its OK too.

A chunk of the source is out of the coin-op too, and that logic could easily end up in MK for the iPhone (if it happened) so someone might get miffed then if I gave away that which wasn't mine.

Its all unlikely but if the only reason for giving out all the source is curiosity then I'd rather not risk it. Having said that, if someone is interested in some of my stuff (like the sprite routine) then I dont mind discussing it (as per the other thread).

I'm not scared of anything, I just dont give away what isn't mine - thats all.
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