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I think I found a way to get rid of those useless encrypted .bf game files in Daphne subfolders, without causing it to go berzerc.

Change the preferences of Daphne this way :
Auto-Download : Disabled
Always Use BitTorent to verify files : Disabled

Remove (delete or backup) the .BFs

from these directories :







After you have done so, don't run Daphne Loader with Auto-Download ON or it will start its mess again (reallocates files, tries to download the .BFs again...)

These files correspond to
D.'s Lair, D.'s Lair II, Space Ace, T.'s Q.
before you insert the DVD

We assume their deciphered equivalent (.m2v, .ogg) can be used to run the games as fine.

In other words, each of these games will run just fine with those BFs missing, except T.'s Q.

So, here is all you need to do to prevent T.s Q. from asking you to reset Auto-Download
(You could do that for each of the above mentioned games but it may have side effects) :
  1. Select Thayer's Quest, click Configure.
  2. Make sure the Game/Laserdisc tab is selected. Click "Configure Laserdisc"
  3. In the 'Virtual Laserdisc Player Options' select "No, I will install any missing video/audio files manually."
  4. In 'MPEG Framefile Location', click 'Browse' and select vldp_dl\tq\tq.txt
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