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Originally Posted by Harrison View Post
Wayne seems to be looking for some kind of compensation and a pat on the back for the time he devoted to running the site. This should not be why people run community sites. It should be for the passion of its subject. If you don't have that then close down, cut your loses and move on to other things. Possibly offering to merge the site and its content/membership with another similar community site. He shouldn't be trying to blackmail his community into paying off his debts. If he couldn't afford to run the site and it has been costing him more than he could afford then he should clearly have said so to his community as they probably would have rallied round and funded it for him.
I agree 100%, I run lots of sites, and I dont ask for anything in return.
I have loads of webspace sat there doing nothing, so if people want space, they can have it.

I wont say how much I pay for my server a year, just thats is an awesome deal, .
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