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Originally posted by Mick_AKA
I have a tower case with 6 5.25 bays and 5 3.5 bays, most are full. Cooling is a bastard, I can no longer get a 1200 athlon to run in my system without burning out rather quickly. I have been through 3 1.4ghz athlon XPs and 2 1.2ghz Athlon XPs, I cant afford to burn out any more chips so I am only running the processor at 850mhz
I have the biggest fan you can get (a huge coolmaster) with more than enuff heat conductive paste between heat sink and processor, My case has 8! yes 8! big powerfull fans, the front ones blowing cold air into the case and the back ones blowing it out, but still the ambient temperature within the case is very hot!
Two things, AC and a better case, with that much hardware installed you need a good space inside for ambient air colling and extra case fans, I install these to blow air across the RAID array for extra cooling as well as massive fans for exhausting the hot air as well, remember that hot air rises and it's best to get a case that has intake fans near or at the bottom front of the case and exhaust fan(s) at or near the top rear of the case!!!

As for SCSI, looked at it, but the damn drives are too expensive for what I need to use it for and that is SPACE

Once I need more space then what I have now I'll upgrade to the Promise 6 channel RAID controller card, this baby has caching on it as well for a total of 12 drives max :eek

@Akira, yes you can compete but you need to put the view into DRIVE mode first
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