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EmuZone NON-TOSEC dumps uploaded

Hi guys,

new dumps for you "dump whores"

Well I found this EmuZone link in my bookmarks by accident, so I just wanted to look if the site still existed and if there was something new. There actually was. The sizes of a couple of files occurred a bit unknown to me, so I suspected that I've once again scented new dumps *heckle* *heckle*
Yay, I was right! I downloaded ALL 36 games (actually it's 35, because both Aspar GP Master and Grand Prix Master point to the same game file), repacked the ZIP files to make ZIPs from them with only one file inside. Then I forced 'em violently to pass the RomDoctor mincer.

Final result: 9 Files weren't in TOSEC, one of them a very good game no one seemed to know until now:

ATTENTION: Cyberdroid needs Kickstart 2.0 or higher and won't run on a real stock A500 therefore either.
Thanks Toni!

(Additional note: I left out Lorna Disk 2 because it's
= Lorna (1990)(Topo Soft)[t + 4 Stoneage](Disk 2 of 2)
I suggest to name the disk
Lorna (1990)(Topo Soft)(Disk 2 of 2)
because it's not in particular affiliated with the Stoneage crack, maybe it didn't even require to be cracked at all.)

However, I think only 7 Files should go into TOSEC, the two remaining ones (including Telemark Warrior) were just modified old cracks that either had only the EmuZone piccy woven in (URL and all), or a simple scroller at bootup. That isn't necessary when we already have the crack (in my opinion).


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