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Originally Posted by Mozzerfan View Post
With os 3.1 you don't have to change your setpatch command, because os3.1 setpatch doesn't update scsi.device. Remove the NOREBOOT option from the loadmodule command.

BTW did you patch scsi.device with 43.45 ? That version doesn't contain the speedy-ide patch.
Doobrey's scsi.device 44.2 patch includes the speedy-ide patch.

Edit: if you used the wrong patch, and have to do it again, the only thing you must change in your spatch command is the right path to Doobrey's scsi_44.2_a1200.pch file,
and change the name of the outputfile.
Thanks! That is great to know about setpatch, I will stick with the rebooting loadmodule which is no problem since my system is on 24/7 running the bbs anyway.

Yeah I patched them both and currently have Doobrey's 44.2 device listed in scout as active! Thanks again for all of your help.

In the ancient SYSINFO program my drive speed went from

3,500,000 (Approx) to 4,369,066 which is nice but in SysSpeed 2.6 it is virtually unchanged with this scsi.device.

Mind you I was WAY slower before the IDE-FIX and Express board combo.

Thanks again everyone!
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