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Well looks like the 3.9 setpatch just crashes the system. Thank goodness for the Miniboot feature of ClassicWB! Whew was able to replace everything.

Well, ok, no biggie. I am going to mess around with 3.9 in WINUAE with the ClassicWB challenge and see if I can get that working in WINUAE on a CF card and move that over once the bbs is tested and working on 3.9.

Setptatch is definitely overwriting the scsi.device as soon as I use loadmodule.

And one last weird note... So taking setpatch and forgetting about changing it, I can run just the loadmodule portion from CLI without the NOREBOOT switch, the system reboots and BAM there is the correct scsi.device version listed in Sysinfo. If Sysinfo sees it, is it correct or is setpatch overwriting it still?

Anyway, I am making a lot of work here. I think I just need to move forward with 3.9 at some point.

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