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no, BB2 only for OS3.9
so you just want to patch the scsi.device from BB2, whlle using os 3.1 on your a1200?

"I did get extracted so I am stuck there as well." means: you didnt get the scsi.device extracted from BB2?

Edit: hmm, i tried and succeeded.
ExtractModule defaults to Devs: for the romupdate file "AmigaOS\ ROM\ Update.BB39-2".
so i did:
ExtractModule FROM "AmigaOS ROM Update.BB39-2" MODULE 12 TO scsi-a1200.device
using spatch 6.50 with the commandline in readme worked too:
spatch -pa300.ld.strip.pch -oscsi.device_v43.45 scsi-a1200.device
(no spaces between commands "-p" and arguments)

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