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It does supply some good links to downloads... for example to has a direct link to Apple's OS downloads.

Akira: Cool! Send it my way! I've got two sorta Tetris like games for it now: Dropper 1.1, Columns. I'm not sure what the status of these games are (commercial, shareware, freeware, don't-care-ware). I guess searching the web will let me know

Installed games list: Darts 1.5, Columns, Dropper 1.1, Flip It, Flipper, Sargon III, Klondike, Glider +3.1.2, Macpente v3.2, Mac Pong, Nuke Snake 1.1, Macman 2.0, 10 Title Puzzle 1.11, Jack, Solitaire, Mac Ninja 3.0, Video Poker For Fun!, Gobbler 1.0.3, Raquette Ball. Some of these are really common, some kid stuff. Neat that there's so much... not so neat that I'll probably lose the better stuff on a reinstall.
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