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Originally Posted by Deleauvive View Post
  • Turrican II : level design didn't convince me, the two others (I & III) seem to have received more attention from the dev.
  • Moonstone : Poor controls, the "adventure" part is very thin, repetitive
  • Heimdall : Seems unfinished.
Since you seem to have made this thread to get an oppinion about your list (and not about overrated games in general) and you have posted some points now why you think they're overrated, how can we 'convince' you that it's not so?

Okay, about those three games :
Turrican 2 has quite different and interestingly designed levels. For me the level design beats Turrican 1 and especially 3 anyday.
Moonstone controls aren't great, but they aren't poor either. You can fairly well control your knight in the fights (compared to a lot of other fighting games). The 'adventure' part is just there to 'hold' the fights together (no 'Round 1' and so on). Surely not more than a nice gimmick in the game and never meant to be more either.
Heimdall = unfinished. Hmm, need more info why you think so. But for now a 'No' will have to do.
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