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Originally Posted by Mozzerfan View Post
Like I said, you need scsi.device from os3.9 BB2.

"AmigaOS-Update" from BB2 is a password protected archive. To unpack it, look here for
If the passwords to unpack it don't work, see post #10 to unpack it.

When you successfully unpacked it, there is a new AmigaOs Romupdate file, and you can use ROMSplit to extract scsi.device.

Edit: Instead of spatch you can also do this:
Quote from Doobrey's post
If anyone is scared of using spatch on a CLI, just plonk the .pch files in Remus/Patches and extract the scsi.device with ROMsplit, it'll save the original, then apply the patches automagically.
Well, thanks again for the help, but I am sitting here staring at another 38 posts just to get the ROM file out of this archive? It's like being right back at square one. That and I am missing some library that Remus needs to run anyway.

I am just going to forget about it. If I had known that updating the scsi.device on the 1200 took 5 different applications each with their own lengthy forum posts dedicated to getting each of them working, I would have never bothered with it.

I was thinking more like "Oh here is the file, and here is the program to kick it up into ram and for kicks, here is the short command line you need to add to startup-sequence." I know this is at the end of the rainbow somewhere. I paid full price for an OS3.9 CD that I have never even installed so my conscience is clear when I do get it running.

Thanks again for trying, I just can't get it going.
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