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I get the feeling that any response on if it is slightly negative towards wayne's POV will be jumped upon. Feel sorry for c.gutjahr or so especially as I believe he is one of the aminet maintainers and do what they do for no money or profit and is a lot of work.

I always get the feeling some of these "community" sites are constantly utilising donations with some kind of blackmail scenario. ie. "we need hosting money or we will close etc etc". Donations should be considered goodwill. Sure we call come on hard times, but I dont feel that is the case really.

There are plenty of webmasters to fork money out of their own pocket (me included), and do it for the love of the platform, information, media and so on, so that the things we love may live on. For me it isnt about "this is mine", and you must pay me, kind of thing.

EAB for me is certainly the most balanced Amiga orientated forum. not including mine of course that is never used ;-) heh. Maybe if did close and people came here, they might get a fresh more open perspective ;-)
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