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Ok, i have tried again CF new campaign. I salute the very nice effort of doing these new maps, BUT i have no pleasure when playing those. The 'fun' mechanic of this game
is working on 3 points :

1) There is always 1 or 2 paths at best to finish a map.
2) Even if the enemies are setted on highest difficulty setting, you always have the amount of munitions or these munitions can be found somewhere in the level.
3) There is always enough ammo and or possibility for a turret to blow a door, allowing you to prepare a strategy on how to fulfill the goals.

On these new missions, you are crossing BIG fire with no possibility to retreat or counter-attack. No fun, just dying, dying, dying.

I am actually stuck on mission 4 level 4-4. You start with 2 grenades, there is no hidden ammunitions anywhere on the map, plenty of doors to blow, and the turrets if they must explode some bunkers are misplaced. As a result, impossible to finish this map.....

And the difficulty is not starting low to very high........

I would be pleased to hear you back on this guys
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