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Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post
Hi Richard, nice to see you in my humble thread, don't remember ever saying hello, so... Hello! You mean at any time in the game?
You can morph into either Kintaro or your opponent?
Why Kintaro?
IIRC there's only one morph-move that Shang's got, and that is always changing him for the guy he is playing with...Ah come on, if I could do it everybody can, you just have to print out the moves

BTW: anyone of you folks ever managed to do a tricky Fatality move such as:
- playing shang and liu
- turn shang into shang-liu
- win the fight with shang-liu
- fatality liu with shang-liu's dragon fatality

I remember achieving it once, but my memory is very foggy and sure would like to see it again on youtube
Hmmm need to look at the source again, but Kintaro didnt have many animation moves so although he is big his character set wasnt. Same for Shang (character set). So both would fit in the place of 1 normal character. I think thats what happened anyway! - when I get a chance I'll sneek a peek.
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