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My name is Milan.

Milan (Cyrillic: Милан) is a common Slavic male name derived from the Slavic element mil, meaning gracious. Milan was originally a diminutive or nickname for those whose names began with "Mil-". It is used predominantly by Czechs and Serbs but also frequently in Russia, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria (and Poland, Sensi). It was in the top 20 names for boys born in Slovakia in 2004. It was the eighth most popular name for boys born in the Netherlands in 2007.

Netherlands? Funny

The boy's name Milan \m(i)-lan\ is of Latin and Sanskrit origin, and its meaning is "eager, laborious or rival; a coming together". Usage in European languages is derived from Aemilianus, a Latin family name from ancient Rome. The northern Italian city of Milan takes its name from a Celtic word meaning "mid-plain".For more information, see also related names Emiliano and Miles.
Baby names that sound like Milan are Malin, Mellan and Millen. Other similar baby names are Dilan and Eilan.
Milan is an uncommon male first name and a very popular surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census).

This is very new to me
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