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Off the top of my head its probably to do with the fact that the Amiga Shang logic had to be hacked to death by me because both coin-op and megadrive had all the players in memory at once. As I recall, Shang could only morph into Kintaro and whoever his opponent was because only Shang, Kintaro and the opponent could fit in memory, and thats the only time I even looked at the game logic as it came straight from Megadrive and that direct from the coinop.

Plus I always thought my Mr.Sheen code was ropey, well not the code itself but working out what area of the screen to cleanup given scrolling background etc

Probably a combination of both, sorry I dont intend to fix it

Funny, its quite interesting to see all the Friendships and Babalitys on YouTube as I haven't seen all of them before! I wasn't a tester, just a mere programmer LMAO.
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