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This is the "final countdown" for my 300+ favorite game list publishing, so I kinda need to know if these games (which, for the majority I tried to like) still have active supporters.

Believe it or not, I tried to make this list without the bias induced by some games being praised over and over on LemonAmiga. For the most part, it is with my own eyes that I evaluated those games (except for Canon Fodder and Wipeout : The reason being I immediately look like a subject to insomnia E. Norton in Fight Club once I watch some footage of these two)

In Chaos Engine II, you play against an opponent, the coop mode is gone. CE II is not overrated since it was not considered an excellent sequel. However, it doesn't look that much inferior to CE I to me.

So I would put it that way :
  • Haz a buddy ? play the slightly overrrated CE I
  • Don't haz a buddy ? play the mildly underrated CE II

Thread is not rated yet but from reading your reactions, I am not too sure it will get many stars so I wouldn't worry about that .
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