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Originally Posted by Maren View Post
Can someone explain what's the point in getting a video game console to run applications it wasn't meant to run?
Money. Plain and simple. For me I want a low cost High Definition capable home-theatre-pc.

Once you've tried XBMC on the XBOX1 and had a taster of what an on demand library of possibly thousands of movies and TV shows is like, you can't really go back. Add in XBMC's internet streamed Video on Demand plugins such as YouTube, iPlayer, 4OD, SkyPlayer, countless music players etc. etc. you get the perfect HTPC for a fraction of the price.

The XBOX1 is long in the tooth now, it's 733MHz Celeron & 64Mbytes doesnt cut it in the HD world. Even though the GPU is more than capable of resolutions upto 1080i the cpu struggles to decode all but the mildest 720p x264 video.

I could invest in a regular HTPC, run linux and XBMC for linux, but such a setup would cost upwards of 600 UKP.

Whereas an XBOX 360 is what... 124 UKP?

Originally Posted by Maren View Post
why not use a PC for emulation?
I agree. If you own a reasonably capable PC anyhow, and you can set it up next to the TV, you should invest in a USB or wireless joypad and a long VGA/DVI cable before considering homebrew on a console.

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