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The no nonsense Overrrated Games thread


This is a similar thread to the one
Freakyweakywoo created a while ago.

Plz, highlight a few popular Amiga games you consider were/are overrated & explain or have arguments ready if you want/need to.

I simply ask you to be reasonable in your arguments, and especially counter-arguments. Say, as soon as you have replied to someone about their choice of games, pass over the mike .

In other words let's not let build arguments that tend to demonstrate how "tell us how much you hate these games other EAB members adore" would be more relevant
"let's keep arguing till Xmas about why you included this particular pinball game in your list, I think you're not a faithful Amiga fan because of that"

Finally, and it will be the ultimate word of caution :
I think it won't hurt too much the discussion if you include no more than one "AlllTime favorite" in your list (Speedball II, Zak...)

As a side note, 20 years make a big difference, I think...

Some games have aged quite well, others despite bearing innovative mechanisms collect dust although they opened the way to technically better games based on the same premises (Settlers, Syndicate, Sentinel...). I call them "precursors". (it refers to annotations in my Gambase Amiga that I will show later on)

Let's say you have insights about which of these overrated precursors are actively played these days, it could be a plus.
The fact that they are overrated in 2009 doesn't mean we will forget they were ahead of their times, see ?

If we're cool, here's my list :

  • Cannon Fodder
  • Leander
  • Lotus Esprit (all versions, the car seems so static...)
  • Project X
  • Pushover
  • Seek & Destroy (all versions)
  • SotB II
  • Super Stardust AGA
  • WipeOut 2097

  • Agony
  • Apprentice
  • Bart vs. the World
  • Body Blows
  • Flood
  • Heads over Heels
  • Iron Lord
  • Leisure Suit Larry (since one needs the walkthrough from the first moments)
  • Moonstone (nice port on MS-DOS, though)
  • Shadow Fighters
  • Turricane II

  • Chaos Engine (especially if you plan to play it without a human partner)
  • Gods AND Deliverance
  • Heimdall
  • Joe Blade
  • Lionheart
  • Monkey Island
  • Rick Dangerous
  • Shadow Dancer
  • SuperFrog

Edit : Highlighted the games with some consensus over the fact that they are/were OR.

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